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Sauer & Troeger team

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We burn for the knob. Creative, modern & innovative. Family business. Founded in 2013. Always up for the coolest ideas.
Over 300 partner shops worldwide & still growing 🚀

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Sauer & Tröger is your table tennis brand

Sauer & Tröger has specialized in pimpled table tennis rubbers since it was founded in 2013. The family-run company has over 300 table tennis shops worldwide that have the rubbers and blades listed. The founder, Sebastian Sauer, was considered Germany's best player with long pimples at the table for many years and has gained a lot of attention, especially through his national and international pimples courses

We love nubs

Table tennis can be so versatile. With our long pimples, short pimples, anti-tops or even pimples inside, we offer our table tennis-loving customers a versatile selection of rubbers. Our pimpled rubbers are now not only available in black and red, but also in green, purple and blue. This ensures different game systems, a lot of variety and a lot of fun.

We train pimple players

As a table tennis brand for pimple players, we also have an educational mission to bring the various game systems with long pimples, short pimples or anti-top to the world. With the pimple Bible DVD, we were the first table tennis brand to offer a digital product. Sebastian Sauer is also always on site in the halls with the Germany-wide pimple courses. All pimple training courses are always fully booked.

The best table tennis marketing

Hardly any table tennis brand does such creative and modern marketing as Sauer & Tröger. With the #1 table tennis rap song, the #1 pimpled underpants with Bruno Banani, the #1 cooperation with a GT3 racing team, the #1 pimpled streetwear or the #1 pimpled shoe, the Sauer & Tröger team always tries to come up with something new to turn customers into loyal fans of the brand.