Sauer & Tröger - The table tennis pimple brand

The better #1 alternative for pimple players

Why thousands of pimple players worldwide choose Sauer & Tröger?

Why thousands of pimple players worldwide choose Sauer & Tröger?

Table tennis Sauer & Tröger knobs

Why thousands of pimple players worldwide choose Sauer & Tröger?

  • The pimple brand with expertise
  • The guarantee for more TTR points
  • In over 300 partner shops worldwide
  • Perfectly coordinated wood & rubber combinations
  • Optimized for the plastic ball
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Known from

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Our customers had these 3 problems before:

Number 1 Sauer & Tröger Number 2 Sauer & Tröger Number 3 Sauer & Tröger

"I just make too many mistakes with this blade"

"Much too harmless this bump"

"The plastic ball only shoots me down"

Does that sound familiar to you too?

Then we have the solution for you:

Sauer_Troeger_Logo_black_orange Now to the solution

Case studies from our customers

5/5 Jörn has been playing with long pimples from Sauer & Tröger for several years. He has great joy in playing with it and he was able to celebrate many successes with it in the senior area. Senior table tennis player with pimples Jorn Meier FSK Lohfelden 5/5 Norbert is a regular participant in our international pimple courses and was able to significantly improve his level with long pimples from Sauer & Tröger. Chinese pimple player Norbert Harmanus Taverzo (Netherlands)

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Blades, rubbers & complete bats from Sauer & Tröger


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Table Tennis Rubbers Pain Hate Zargus To the toppings

complete racket

Table Tennis Long Pimples Intermediate Near the table Unicorn Hellfire X Secret Flow Chop To the complete bats


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