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Nubs - FAQ

We are often asked these questions
1. Which pimple rubber is the right one for me?

The right pimple rubber depends on your playing style. First ask yourself: for what reason do you play a pimple or why would you like to play a pimple? Every single pimple, whether short or long, has individual strengths and weaknesses. The short pimple, for example, doesn't create a major disruptive effect and you don't get as much cut into the ball as with a long pimple. However, you can attack with the short knob and are therefore more flexible in the game structure.
First of all, clarify your goal that you want to pursue with a pimple and then find out more about the different ways of playing under point 3.

2. Which wood suits me?

You will find the right wood by testing it. The wood is the extended arm of your body and transports the feeling from the upper arm to the hand to the blade. Many pimple players underestimate the importance of the blade and prefer to change their rubbers because it's easier and faster. We recommend: Take your time to choose the right wood. Choose the right grip for your hand size. If you tap the bare wood and there is a clear sound, you know you are playing a fast wood. If the sound is darker, it is a sign of a slow wood. Note the different types of wood that have been used. Each type of wood, e.g. balsa, has special playing characteristics. Choose the right plastic layers such as carbon. This makes your wood stiffer, the outward vibration decreases and your wood automatically becomes faster. All properties determine the weight of the wood. In the end it's testing, testing, testing to find your individual blade.

3. What is the difference between a long pimple, a short pimple and an anti-top?
  1. The 3 types of rubber depend on the type of game. Long pimples without a sponge (OX) are used for playing close to the table. The opponent's topspins are stabbed in the rising phase and converted into underspin. The pace is taken out of the ball. Long pimples with sponge (0.3 mm -1-5 mm) are used for the classic defensive game behind the table.
    Short pimples (1.5 mm - 2.1 mm) are used for attack. You can spin or shoot your opponent's topspins or cut balls. You can also block topspins slowly so that they appear shorter than blocks with offensive rubbers. With short pimples it is also possible to parry from behind the table. So you have a lot of options.
    Anti-Tops are very slippery rubbers that cannot produce their own cut. The opponent's cut is simply transformed by the Anti-Top. Anti-tops are different from long and short pimples and can confuse the opponent a lot.
4. Which sponge thickness should I choose?

You can choose between a sponge thickness of OX (no sponge) up to 2.1+ mm for pimple rubbers. The thicker the sponge, the faster your rubber is. OX sponges are suitable for long pimples at the table as they take the tempo out of the ball. For defensive players behind the table, a long pimple should not be more than 1.5 mm thick, otherwise it will be difficult to control. Short pimples usually have a sponge thickness of 1.5mm - 2.1mm. Due to the thicker sponge, short pimples are mostly used for attack, but also for defense. The short pimple is very variable and dominates every shot.

5. Can pimples increase my TTR?

Yes, for a short time. We received feedback from many pimple players that they had very quick success and were able to increase their TTR value quickly. We wanted to know exactly and made an evaluation: 20 pimple players from the district league to the district league were able to improve by 21-112 points over half a year. This is crazy and surprised us too.
With increasing level, we would estimate from the 2nd association league, it becomes more difficult to get further up with nubs. This is also reflected in the small number of players in the higher classes. For the district class up to the district league, the knob can be a very good way to increase your TTR value quickly. Since many table tennis players have a hard time against pimples. However, the same applies here: training, training, training. You don't get success for free.

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