Pain - Long pimple
Pain - Long pimple
Pain - Long pimple
Pain - Long pimple
Pain - Long pimple
Pain - Long pimple

Pain - Long pimple

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Pace: 43
Control: 94
Disruptive effect: 100
Game system: Allround - / Allround
Sponge Hardness: Medium +

Table Tennis Long pimple pain

Painful shots: Combination of the disruptive effect in defensive play with the soft topspin in offensive play.

The Long Pimple Pain has 3 basic characteristics that make it different from regular pimples.

  1. The nub structure:
    The pimple heads are tight and compact next to each other. This allows you to hit the balls very evenly. Even if you don't stand optimally to the ball or don't hit the ball fully, the pain automatically compensates for the inaccuracy.

  2. The nub thickness:
    When developing the pain, we made sure that the individual nubs are thinner than on other rubbers. This creates more control in defensive play. Whether at the front of the table or as a classic defender behind the table, the immense control of pain will drive your opponent into despair.
  1. The pimple hardness:
    The pimple hardness is the most important component of every rubber. The rubber mixture of the individual knob heads is pleasantly soft when there is pain. You can already feel it by gently stroking the surface. As a result, the nubs are more flexible and do not break off as easily. In addition, the balls dig deeper into the surface and are played back to the opponent with a lot of rotation and an unpleasant disruptive effect. Especially when playing with the plastic ball, the disruptive effect is immensely important in order to put the opponent under pressure.

These are the strengths of the Long Knob Pain:

The pain is a real wall in defensive play. Blocking and stabbing at the table works perfectly. It creates a lot of spin and is vastly superior to other rubbers in terms of disruptive effect.
In attacking play, topspin with spin is a real secret weapon. This is only possible due to the soft upper rubber. This gives the rubber maximum flexibility for a wide variety of shot types.

Sebastian's tip:
Also try the version with the ultra-thin 0.5 mm sponge. The special sponge
dampens hard attack hits and still offers enough dynamics for disruptive attack hits.

Flexible long pimple rubber, which can also be used perfectly for attacking due to its good control. Especially when it comes to rotation, hardly anyone can fool the pain.

Test Videos Pain

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Franz Schneider
Schmerz lange Noppen mit 0.5mm Schwamm

Absolut empfehlenswert, wenn man das Abwehrspiel liebt.
Egal ob am Tisch kurz geblockt wird oder die Abwehr 2-3m hinter dem Tisch erfolgt. Die Bälle bleiben beim Return bei beiden Spielvarianten flach über dem Netz.
Bei kurzen Bällen vom Gegner, kann mit diesem Belag angegriffen werden. Mir hilft dabei die Bewegung, den Schläger beim Ballkontakt nach oben zu ziehen.
Das Holz darf gerne auch schneller sein, es muss nicht zwingend ein Abwehrholz sein.

Michael Paris
Glücksgriff Bewertung

siehe Bewertung Monkey.

Nicolas Holle
Die Gegner hassen ihn :-)

Sehr sicherer und schnittunempfindlicher Belag, der zwar nicht das Maximum an Störeffekt oder Schnittumkehr erzeugt, aber doch mal den ein oder anderen Flatterball, abtauchende Flugkurven u. kaum Fehler produziert. Nach kurzen "Ausflügen" zum Hallmark Tactics LP und SpinLord Dornenglanz (minimal mehr Störeffekt, dafür weniger Sicherheit), bin ich wieder beim "Schmerz" und nach wie vor happy!

Julian D.

Gut kontrollierbar, guter Störeffekt und ausgezeichnete Qualität - bei anderen Noppenbelägen wären längst Noppen abgebrochen.

Frank Pflug

Material wie beschrieben

We love nubs ❤️

About Us

Sauer & Tröger™ was founded in 2013 by table tennis pimples players Sebastian Sauer and Pascal Tröger.

Both had the vision and passion to develop fantastic table tennis products and thus respond individually to the wishes of pimple players and their playing systems.

No matter whether long pimples, short pimples or anti-top - material was the DNA of the family-run company from the very beginning.

300+ partners worldwide

Innovative rubbers and blades that meet the material needs of pimple players and modern and creative marketing have allowed Sauer & Tröger™ to grow rapidly over the last 10 years.

With over 300 partner shops in 50+ countries, we are now one of the TOP 15 table tennis brands worldwide.


Pimple players are usually different - they're extra cool. Pimples provide entertaining variety, worth seeing rallies and a lot of fun while playing.

We have also implemented many cool things for you in recent years:

#1 nubbed briefs featuring Bruno Banani
#1 table tennis rap
#1 Partnership with a GT3 Racing Team
#1 DVD with knobs for digital learning
#1 knobbed streetwear etc…

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