Firestarter - Defensive
Firestarter - Defensive
Firestarter - Defensive
Firestarter - Defensive
Firestarter - Defensive
Firestarter - Defensive
Firestarter - Defensive

Firestarter - Defensive

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  • Tempo: Forehand: 46 Backhand: 40
  • Control: Forehand: 101 Backhand: 115
  • Weight: about 89g
  • Veneers: 5 pieces
  • Dimensions (bat face): 16 x 15.8 cm
  • Game system: DEF/DEF+

Table Tennis Defensive Wood Firestarter

Control and security in the pimple game


1+5 layer: Fineline (brown)
2+4 layers: Ayous
Wood core: Ayous

The Firestarter is the most defensive blade from Sauer & Tröger. The exquisite veneers were specially selected so that you can feel the maximum control of a table tennis blade. Due to the special CBIF bonding, the forehand is slightly faster than the backhand. This allows you to play the attack strokes with the forehand with even more speed.
Due to a long storage and drying time, the blade permanently retains the playing properties that it has
already available at the time of purchase.


When you hit the ball with the forehand, you notice how the ball digs into the rubber and the wood. A moderate catapult effect is created, which lets the ball fly in a higher arc onto the other half of the table tennis table. The rotation development is enormous. It will be easy for you to place the balls accurately and thus put your opponent under pressure. Own attacks are possible with an early contact with the ball.
Hardly any blade surpasses the Firestarter in passive play. It effortlessly defuses even the most powerful attacks. If you want to drive your opponent to despair with control, then the Firestarter is just the right blade for you.


The feeling of security on the backhand is ideal for players whose blocks have previously sailed off the table. The blade enables excellent control even with fast pimple rubbers. The balls bounce flat and with a lot of rotation on the opponent's half. Equalize speed and spin with the Firestarter and develop into the safest player in the hall. The CBIF bonding is clearly noticeable and makes the blade very flexible.
The slow pace gives you more time to prepare for your next shot.
You develop a true feeling for the rotation, the ball and the hardness of the shot.

Recommended game system:

  1. Block game close to the table
  2. Defense away from the table with long pimples

The Firestarter is the right choice for control and spin-oriented players.

Firestarter test videos

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Defense Tool mit Exzellenter Kontrolle

Man hört am "Plock", wie er die Energie aufnimmt.

Ob man den Griff fest hält oder ihn locker hält macht hier einen sehr großen Unterschied in der Energieaufnahme. Mit etwas Übung kann man so sehr genau das erreichen, was man in der Situation braucht. Auch aggressive Anschläge kann man mit ganz lockerem Griff direkt hinter das Netz fallen lassen oder den Ball mit festem Griff genauso schnell zurück blocken.

Alles in allem: Ein zuverlässiges Werkzeug für Defender, das sowohl im tischnahen Block-Spiel und beim tischfernen choppen Sicherheit gibt.
Auch mein etwas exotisches blocken/heben weit unterhalb des Tisches ist mit sicherer Kontrolle einfach und ungewöhnlich flach.

Technisch ein klasse Holz und dazu sieht es noch edel aus.

Noppe: Easy P, 0.5mm

Ulf Stadelmaier

Der Noppenbelag ist echt geil zum spielen

Wolfgang Lössner
Top Bundle

Prima Zusammenstellung mit Holz Firestarter RH Hellfire X (ox) und VH Flow Job in 2,1,mm wobei die VH meiner persönlichen Meinung etwas mehr Spin vertragen könnte, Kontrolle, Sicherheit etc. am Tisch und in der Defensive alles top.

Michael Paris
Glücksgriff Bewertung

siehe Bewertung Monkey.


Das Holz ist für das Kontrollwunder schlecht und auch in der Offensive eine Waffe

We love nubs ❤️

About Us

Sauer & Tröger™ was founded in 2013 by table tennis pimples players Sebastian Sauer and Pascal Tröger.

Both had the vision and passion to develop fantastic table tennis products and thus respond individually to the wishes of pimple players and their playing systems.

No matter whether long pimples, short pimples or anti-top - material was the DNA of the family-run company from the very beginning.

300+ partners worldwide

Innovative rubbers and blades that meet the material needs of pimple players and modern and creative marketing have allowed Sauer & Tröger™ to grow rapidly over the last 10 years.

With over 300 partner shops in 50+ countries, we are now one of the TOP 15 table tennis brands worldwide.


Pimple players are usually different - they're extra cool. Pimples provide entertaining variety, worth seeing rallies and a lot of fun while playing.

We have also implemented many cool things for you in recent years:

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