Easy P - Long pimple
Easy P - Long pimple
Easy P - Long pimple
Easy P - Long pimple
Easy P - Long pimple

Easy P - Long pimple

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Pace: 35
Control: 105
Disruptive effect: 92
Game system: Defensive + / Allround
Sponge Hardness: Medium

Easy P

Maximum control for every pimple player - from beginners to professionals


  1. Nub structure:
    The nub heads of the Easy P are similarly close together as in the case of pain . In a direct comparison, however, you can see that the individual knobs are a bit further apart.
  2. Pimple width:
    The pimples are narrow and compact. This gives you excellent control when blocking across the table. You can focus on your technique in more detail.
  3. Pimple Hardness:
    The pimple with the softest rubber compound! When stroking over the rubber, you will notice how smoothly the individual knobs bend. The pimples are similar to the offensive rubbers. The softer the rubber compound, the slower and more controlled the rubber is. We have designed an "easy play pimple" for all pimple players.
    When developing the Easy P, the focus was on developing a new "easy play pimple" with maximum dangerousness that you can play close to the table.
    Due to a special manufacturing process of the pimple heads, the long pimples have a very low speed.

Playing style:

You can stab topspins early over the table. Sometimes as soon as the ball rises. The pure "stalling" is possible in a very controlled manner. Here the opponent is disturbed with an exact placement in the flow of the game. Another specialty is the pressure push on empty balls and backspin. Due to the high resistance to cuts of the Easy P, the pressure pad can be used very effectively and successfully.

Sebastian's tip:

The Easy P offers the perfect start for pimple beginners. You have maximum control and develop a good feel for the pimple. This eliminates your opponent's pace and rotation. This allows you to easily play the ball back.
The long pimples are also very suitable for players who want to switch from an offensive rubber to a pimple.
The rubber is also played by players in high leagues. The good control allows the focus on a good playing technique.

Very controlled long pimple, which is ideal for beginners and technically experienced players.

Test videos Easy P

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Beste Einstiegs-Noppe

Mehr Kontrolle geht nicht.

Am Anfang kann das Noppenspiel frustrierend sein, weil man viel Übung braucht.
Mit Easy P lernt man die Basics in einer sicheren Umgebung mit maximaler Kontrolle und bekommt die nötigen Erfolgserlebnisse, um motiviert weiter zu machen.

Easy P, 0.5mm Schwamm

Easy P ist ok

Ich spiele schon länger lange Noppe Ox. Man muss schon etwas trainieren um mit dem Belag klar zu komme. Hatte zwischenzeitlich den Monkey probiert, bin aber wieder zu Easy P gewechselt. Bin zufrieden.


Spielt sich wirklich einfach

Alexander Stadler

Beschäftige mich als Trainer natürlich auch mit Materialspiel und muss sagen, dass der Easy P hält was er verspricht. Sowohl ich selbst als auch einer meiner Schützlinge, der gerade auch lange Noppe umsteigt, schätzen die gute Kontrolle, die man mit dem Belag hat. Der Storeffekt leider darunter nicht :-)


Die Noppe für Einsteiger schlecht hin

We love nubs ❤️

About Us

Sauer & Tröger™ was founded in 2013 by table tennis pimples players Sebastian Sauer and Pascal Tröger.

Both had the vision and passion to develop fantastic table tennis products and thus respond individually to the wishes of pimple players and their playing systems.

No matter whether long pimples, short pimples or anti-top - material was the DNA of the family-run company from the very beginning.

300+ partners worldwide

Innovative rubbers and blades that meet the material needs of pimple players and modern and creative marketing have allowed Sauer & Tröger™ to grow rapidly over the last 10 years.

With over 300 partner shops in 50+ countries, we are now one of the TOP 15 table tennis brands worldwide.


Pimple players are usually different - they're extra cool. Pimples provide entertaining variety, worth seeing rallies and a lot of fun while playing.

We have also implemented many cool things for you in recent years:

#1 nubbed briefs featuring Bruno Banani
#1 table tennis rap
#1 Partnership with a GT3 Racing Team
#1 DVD with knobs for digital learning
#1 knobbed streetwear etc…

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