Practical tip: Own serve with the nub

Practice tip Table tennis tactics Long and fast serve with the long pimple
The variant "Long roll serve with the nub" Dear nub community, maybe with the title you're wondering, "Serving with the pimple. Does that even make sense to me?" If you play with pimple rubbers on both sides, then definitely yes, because you have no other choice. :) However, if you only play with a pimple rubber on one side, then you can at least think about it. Today we would like to show you the possible options: With a pimple rubber you get far less rotation in your serve than with a pimple inner rubber. A lot more is possible with short pimples than with long pimples. A few Asian pimple artists can also manage incredibly dangerous serves with short pimples. However, this art is only granted to very few players. When you serve with the short pimples, the ball has a similar trajectory as with pimple-in rubbers, but not quite as much spin comes into the ball. With long pimples you hardly get any rotation in the serve, but there are variants that can cause big problems for many opponents. I, Sebastian from the Sauer & Tröger team, do not use my own serve with the long pimple, but I know many players who use the following variants successfully: Variant 1 - The fake underspin serve You do a short or mid-length serve, faking a backspin. In reality, however, there is hardly any rotation in the ball and your opponent likes to place the ball too high. The fake slash serve variant is most effective if you only use it occasionally. The serve variant thrives on the surprise effect and not on the fact that your serve is of high quality. Your opponent's brain will be confused for a brief moment, as it is used to the fact that with a normal cutting movement when serving from top to bottom, there is also a cut in the ball. However, this is not the case due to the long pimples and we pimple players can gain an advantage. Attention: If your opponent saw through the serve, we recommend that you don't make the serve anymore. Most of the time, an aggressive attacking ball follows from your opponent when he has realized that there is not that much cut in the ball. Variant 2 - The long roll serve Far more often, the longest and fastest roll serve is played with the pimple rubber. There are always opponents here who, even as the game progresses, still have no idea how to best accept this serve. A lot of setbacks end up in the net and the cursing takes its course. However, if your opponent does not have any problems with such a serve, you will quickly notice this on the scoreboard. :) Important: Your serve becomes more dangerous the longer it arrives on the other side. This is much better possible if your serve comes up on your own half of the table at the very beginning of the table (see picture). Have fun with this suggestion. If necessary, more serves will be played with a nub surface in many a hall in the next few weeks. Especially at 10:10 in the fifth set, when the opponent literally has an "iron", the serve can decide between victory and defeat. Do you already use one of the pimple serves successfully or are you planning to try them out? Feel free to leave us a message in the comments! Best regards Sebastian from the Sauer & Tröger team

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