Reboot: Back to the table tennis table?

Restart: Table tennis again soon?

Dear nub community, I'm sure many of you are eagerly waiting to finally be able to go back to the sports hall and pick up the table tennis bat. Others, on the other hand, wish that social distancing should continue for quite a long time. Opinions differ widely in society and also among table tennis players. What do we think about this ourselves? Very easily. Although we have dealt extensively with the situation, we simply know too little to be able to make a conclusive assessment. If even experts disagree, how are we supposed to be able to judge all of its facets? Referring to our beloved sport of table tennis, we believe that it can be played responsibly while complying with hygiene regulations. A real spirit of optimism can be discerned here. Many halls have now reopened or are about to open. For this purpose, the DTTB has developed the following hygiene concept:
Hygiene_Guidelines_Table tennis
Do the DTTB measures make sense and will they also work in practice? Soon nothing should stand in the way of a modified training operation in the club. Fortunately, Germany is earlier than many other countries with the possibility of opening. Our urgent advice (regardless of whether you just want to derust a bit, whether you want to train in a concentrated manner or whether you want to test material): pay attention more than ever to warming up a little and starting slowly. If the first topspin is played with maximum power after a month-long break, then a strain is not far away! We speak from experience here... Regardless of the official permission, I proactively canceled all pimple courses for the month of June, although most of them were fully booked. I got a lot of feedback from players who would have loved to come to the courses. Nevertheless, I considered this decision to be reasonable in the current environment. I just wouldn't have felt comfortable doing a pimples course. In addition, it would also have been questionable whether the course would have been possible under the conditions imposed and whether it would have been really fun. We prefer to wait a little longer and then welcome you another time with even greater anticipation. Of course, any advance payments that may have been made will be reimbursed immediately and easily. If you have any questions in this regard, you are welcome to contact us at . A little side swipe: On the customer side, I have to keep chasing after many providers of unusual events, or I don't even get a response despite repeated inquiries. This has a certain aftertaste for me. If someone explains to me that their own situation is problematic, then I fully understand. However, I am currently experiencing in several places that there is simply no reaction for weeks. In general, we should try not to look to the future only negatively. In my opinion, for those responsible in clubs there is even a long-unprecedented chance of recruiting members, especially in the leisure sector. Table tennis is booming. Whether in the apartment, in the garden or on the stone slab in the park. Outdoor tables are sometimes sold out for weeks. If we present ourselves well here and offer something suitable, we can even manage to win many new members. Better times will definitely come, maybe very soon. I'll while away the next few hours (as of Saturday noon) with a few bad jokes about the DFL and Mario Basler and with the premiere of elbow-jubilation in the Bundesliga. Take care and see you soon! Your Sebastian. PS Are you also burning to finally return to the table tennis table? And do you think the hygiene concept makes sense? We look forward to your opinion in the comments! Share on facebook Facebook Share on google google+ Share on whatsapp Whatsapp Greetings from the Sauer & Tröger team You might like it too:

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