Are pimples ruining our sport? Part 1

Pips in the crossfire at My Table Tennis At the end of 2018, Germany's pimple expert Sebastian Sauer had to answer questions. My Table Tennis invited him to Cologne to answer the question: "Are pimples destroying our sport?" to clarify. The reason for this was a comment from a My Table Tennis user who expressed the opinion that pimples destroy the table tennis game and force the opponent to make simple and frustrating mistakes. What does Sebastian have to say about this? Check it out now and make up your mind on the pimples debate. We at Sauer & Tröger are still of the opinion that pimples make table tennis unique and set it apart from everything else. Pimples are a change for players, coaches and fans. It is the playful and mental challenge to assert yourself against another game system. Table tennis is one of the few sports that challenges and stimulates the brain with every move. This is precisely why table tennis is described as a highly demanding sport for body and mind. And one more thing: Who doesn't like to watch defensive players? When we were guests at the German Table Tennis Championships 2019 in Wetzlar, we watched the game between Patrick Franziska and Ruwen Filus. Not just us. The whole hall watched this game and cheered for it. Long rallies, lots of movement and just a healthy change. Entertainment, that's what people want to see. This enables us to increase the attractiveness of table tennis in Germany, Europe and the world. That's why we want to get more people excited about the long pimples, the short pimples or the anti-top. Different opinions are allowed, as are different game systems. We are looking forward to your opinion! Share on facebook Facebook Share on google google+ Share on whatsapp Whatsapp Greetings from the Sauer & Tröger team You might like it too:

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