Colorful rubbers in table tennis: Play long pimple Hellfire X now in poisonous green or plum-purple

Sauer & Tröger Table Tennis Long Pimples Hellfire X Green Purple

As early as May 2022 we published a post on social media in which we held the first samples of our colored table tennis rubbers in the camera.

However, it still took a little while until the final tests were completed. Now the time has come: We are proud to present the Lange Pimple Hellfire X in OX for the first time in plum purple and poison green. Many from the pimple community have asked us: Why exactly these colors and not, for example, blue or pink?

The answer: In a poll, you as the pimple community decided very clearly in favor of the poisonous green. For tactical reasons, we as a brand have also chosen the color purple, since purple has very little contrast to black and we hope that this will give you a slight advantage as a pimple player when turning the racket.

This makes us the first table tennis brand specializing in pimples to venture into colored rubbers. We believe that table tennis will become fresher and livelier as a result of the ITTF's decision to introduce colored rubbers.

We hope that young people in particular can be won over to the somewhat dusty table tennis sport and, above all, to playing with pimples. Let us know your opinion in the comments: What do you think of the colored pimple rubbers?

Sebastian, Niclas and the entire Sauer & Tröger team

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