Hellfire X and Unicorn: The innovations from Sauer & Tröger

Hellfire X and Unicorn: The innovations from Sauer & Tröger

Dear nub community, In the past few weeks we have repeatedly received inquiries about the new products from us, with the new ITTF approval list being the trigger. To this day we have kept silent; but now the time has finally come! We are very proud to present you our new flagships after a very long time of development:
Long pimple Hellfire X Cover

Long pimple Hellfire X

Unicorn Allround Concave Front

All-round blade Unicorn

PRE-ORDER NOW Selected players have already extensively tested the new products before the exit restrictions. The feedback from our players from the district class to the upper league was overwhelming! This makes us and hopefully you too "hotter" to be able to pick up the racket again soon! Until then, you can now pre-order the new products in our online shop or from your trusted retailer. A detailed description of the properties can also be found on the product page. Until you can try out the surface and the wood in the hall, you will probably have to think about alternative uses. We have a few creative ideas: 1. The covering can be used as a bookmark in the packaging, for example. You're sure to find a book you've been wanting to read for a long time. 2. We also thought about our all-round blade Unicorn:
The wood can be used, for example, as a drink or sundae holder for the deck chair. Tip: It's even more beautiful in the garden than on the balcony or in the living room.
Another possibility can be to use the unicorn as a saucer for the afternoon café with a piece of cake. Our fan Marius, who took the pictures, seemed to be doing very well. In just one day, his girlfriend baked both a cake and conjured up an ice cream sundae. Let's wish him that things continue to go well for him. The products are scheduled to be delivered at the beginning of June. Then the weather will be even better than it is now. The trend then goes to third wood as fans for the grill. You are also welcome to send us your creative pictures, for which our table tennis blade can also be used. We are looking forward to your feedback on our new products. Feel free to share it with your teammates, training partners and table tennis friends. Share on facebook Facebook Share on google google+ Share on whatsapp Whatsapp Greetings from the Sauer & Tröger team You might like it too:

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