Test video for the HELLFIRE X

Dear nub community,

many of you have already written to us several times over the past few weeks and asked when we will finally be releasing a video about the new long pimple HELLFIRE X and the all-round blade UNICORN. We can tell you: today is the day!

In the test video, we show you a compilation of practical shots from our flagship "HELLFIRE X" for the 2020/2021 table tennis season.
Among other things, we will show you the classic block, various attack options or accepting a serve.

The video was created during a day of shooting in the Contra-TT-World Hamburg at the invitation of the SpinCollege. Simon Moschall from Spin College came up with some video ideas and interview questions on interesting topics.

We will now publish these bit by bit and present the content in the coming newsletters. Many thanks also to Sebastian Wendt, who shot and edited the videos and who also provided us with delicious snacks and sushi throughout the day of shooting!

Feel free to leave us a like or a comment on how you found the video! If you find the video interesting for other pimples players, feel free to share it with them!

If you are still not convinced by the Hellfire X, we are always at your disposal with our individual knob advice! - Click here for pimple advice

We are really looking forward to your feedback!

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