Merry Christmas and look forward to an eventful table tennis year 2021

Sauer & Tröger Table Tennis Long pimples Short pimples Merry Christmas An eventful year 2021 is coming to an end. Especially at Christmas time we think a lot about the past year.

This was by no means an easy year for players, coaches, fans, officials, but also for table tennis brands and table tennis shops. And therefore not for you as pimple players and members of the Sauer & Tröger family - from Germany to Indonesia, Japan or anywhere else on earth.

We also noticed that table tennis cannot be played against each other online. It is a sport that thrives on the coming together of people who have fun and enjoy playing table tennis. For once, we don't want to differentiate between the cool pimple players and the other table tennis players.

As a table tennis brand, we gave our all in 2021 and would like to take you back with us: Even at the beginning of 2021 we still received a lot of feedback regarding our knobbed rape, which has now achieved cult status, and from the games in the district league to games in the TTBL (table tennis Bundesliga) could be heard as warm-up music.

We have held back with new products in 2021. As a company, we continue to believe strongly in quality products that stand for something special. Therefore, unlike most other brands, we do not follow the strategy of throwing 4-5 new rubbers onto the market every year and you no longer understand where the differences are.

We always bring new products onto the market when we are convinced, have tested them over a long period of time and they can really improve your gaming behavior significantly. But it's not entirely true that we haven't launched any new products: At the beginning of 2021, we and Bruno Banani's managing director, José Borge, who is also an enthusiastic Sauer & Tröger player, planned the nubbed underpants.

Another nice and nice gift idea in the table tennis market, which is unique and brings a smile to the face of the sport in addition to the cool element. During the year we also enthusiastically decided to launch new colors that will be officially available in Spring 2022. First of all, our premium long pimple, the Hellfire X will be launched in OX in plum purple and poison green.

We're really looking forward to that. Our social media post about it also went through the roof. This is a unique opportunity, especially for pimple players, to bring color into play and to confuse the opponent even more.

Unfortunately, due to the Corona situation, the pimple courses have once again taken place to a lesser extent. Our hearts hurt too, because we are asked about it several times a week by you. You want - we want - but unfortunately the world doesn't want it (:

But we were also annoyed over the course of the year: the new Stiga Cybershape could have come from us. We think this is a great advertisement for our beloved sport of table tennis and we could use a lot more of these innovations.

Because: Due to the corona pandemic, we have again lost some members in Germany and worldwide and we see it as our task again in 2022 to advertise our sport. We therefore very much hope that in 2022 we will finally get the effects of the pandemic under control together and be able to go back to the table normally and carefree.

Finally, it only remains for us to wish you a Merry Christmas with your family. Enjoy the quieter and free time and recharge your batteries so that you can attack again in 2022.

Maybe one or the other of you will find a nubbed covering or stylish nubbed underpants under the Christmas tree ;)

Sporty Christmas greetings
Sebastian, Niclas and the entire Sauer & Tröger team

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