Leguano x Sauer & Tröger - The table tennis pimpled shoe | COOPERATION

Table tennis Leguano Spinwyn cooperation with Sauer & Tröger studded shoe The Leguano Spinwyn in white with an individual Sauer & Tröger badge

Sauer & Tröger is launching its first shoe for table tennis players together with the barefoot shoe brand Leguano. With an individually designed Sauer & Tröger badge on the laces, the Leguano Spinwyn gets its individual touch.
Founder Sebastian Sauer is very pleased about the partnership: "At first glance, the visual similarities are of course noticeable. The patented Lifolit sole of the barefoot shoe also has a nub-like structure and is therefore similar to the structure of our long and short nubs.

We also have a deep partnership of values ​​with Leguano. The lightness and attitude to life paired with the quality of the Leguano barefoot shoe are values ​​that we would like to integrate into all of our table tennis rubbers and blades."

Why table tennis players should play barefoot shoes? The explanation is obvious:
Due to the more direct connection to the hall floor, sidesteps and back and forth movements can be performed faster. As a result, table tennis players not only tend to have a better grip on the ball, but also train the muscles of their toes, feet and the entire body.
Agility and speed can sometimes make the difference in the game.

In the SPECIAL EDITION, the Leguano Spinwyn comes with a silicone badge from Sauer & Tröger, making it a real eye-catcher. In terms of color, the Spinwyn will be available in white and black.

You can find the link to the products here: https://www.sauer-troeger.com/collections/schuh

We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Your Sauer & Tröger team 🏓

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