How do pimple players think ahead of the 2021/2022 table tennis season?

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Hello dear friends of the knob,

Today we are getting back to you with a rather unusual message. Yesterday morning we received the following request: “Can you send me a new Super Stop as soon as possible?

Thought it was a long time away. However, I noticed that we will soon have the first game of the season. A friendly match is also planned for next week. Gotta start training now..."

We would like to take this request as an opportunity to get a better picture of your current situation. When we talk to table tennis players, table tennis coaches or table tennis clubs, we notice that each individual is in a different situation.

It therefore seems to us personally that many table tennis players live in parallel worlds:

  • One type of table tennis player has been playing table tennis regularly for months and club life is as if nothing had happened.
  • Other table tennis players hardly come into the hall and can only remember fragments of what it looks like from the inside...
The situation is similar when it comes to motivation:
  • There are highly motivated table tennis players. They are overjoyed that it's finally starting again and that competitions can be played. The second set of floor coverings since May is being fitted and the washing machine is running at full speed after the warm summer sessions
  • Other table tennis players, on the other hand, "paint the devil on the wall" and don't even get the racket out because they believe the season will be canceled again.
We made the observation in a small circle with pimple players as well as with non-pimple players. Therefore we would like to ask you:
  • How about you and your club?
  • Can you train normally and are you looking forward to the start of the season or are there obstacles?
  • Are almost all club members back in training like before?
  • What are your expectations for the new season?

Feel free to leave us a comment, send us an email or send us a social media message on Facebook or Instagram. This gives us and other pimple players a broad impression of the current situation.

Kind regards and see you soon
Your Sauer & Tröger team

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