How the #1 knob rap is stirring up the table tennis scene

Hello dear pimple community,

We hope that you are still doing well and that you think about the small, white ball from time to time even during the forced break in table tennis. We were able to make a refreshing and cool contribution to this with our knob rap. If you don't know the genre yet: The #1 song in the knobbed rap charts is now MC Backhand (Sebastian Sauer) feat. Reserved for Zembla (Carlos Lang):

To play the #NoppenRap you can simply click on the video at the beginning.

You are welcome to share the #NoppenRap with your team and club mates in WhatsApp groups or on Facebook!
You will certainly be happy to see something varied!

A rap video is not only something new in table tennis - no, it is also something that makes the worldwide table tennis scene sit up and take notice. The video was shared by renowned platforms, associations and players all over the world. For example, mytischtennis chose #NoppenRap as the video of the week. The Hungarian Table Tennis Association announced that Chuck Norris would play with Sauer & Tröger equipment.

Many players were also very happy that the game with pimples was presented in a very positive and modern style. That pleases us the most! Because: "Nubs are cool" - and we want to carry this message out into the table tennis world with the #NubsRap.

Many players have also found their new warm-up music or the ideal song on the way to the away game through #NoppenRap. This list of positive comments could be continued for a very long time.

There were a few negative reviews, such as from the current Bundesliga coach of Post SV Mühlhausen, Erik Schreyer. With his trained eye, he complained that I came across as a bit stiff in the video. He's right somewhere and maybe in the future, as the name "MC Backhand" suggests, I'll be in better hands with the pimples on the table.

Another user wrote that the video was really great, but that the guy in the red pants (that was me) would break everything... But I thought to myself: if I'm going to do something like this, I have to make a few myself rapping lines...

In summary, I can say that the video has not missed its purpose. The #NoppenRap lets the pimple game and also the table tennis game appear in a modern light.

The rap sweetened the free time for many players and put a smile on their faces. What more do you want? I would do it again at any time and I also hope that with the video we were able to encourage other institutions to dare and implement something different.

Short note: The magazine of the Association of German Table Tennis Coaches will publish a detailed report on the background, the creation and the course of the video in its next issue of the magazine "Tischtennis-Lehre" (TTL).

Personally, it is always a great pleasure for me to try something new that others have not yet done and the outcome of which I do not yet know in detail. These things can result in the most beautiful things. We are already planning other highly interesting things. Let yourself be (positively) surprised.

Finally, please let us know how you found the video and what you found particularly "cool"?
Will the #pimples rap change the image of the pimples player in the long term and make it more modern?

We look forward to your feedback!

Greetings from the Sauer & Tröger team

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