Are pimples ruining our sport? Part 2

How pimples are changing the sport of table tennis Part 2 of Sebastian's interview at My Table Tennis is about, among other things, how the introduction of the plastic ball has changed the pimple game. After the 2012 Olympics, the celluloid substitute was officially introduced. A lot has changed since then - especially for the pimple players, as Sebastian explains in the interview. How can young people prepare specifically for pimples? Is the standard racket a possible solution to increase the fairness in table tennis? How attractive are the games played by pimple players really? All these questions are answered in the second part of the series "Do pimples destroy our sport?" discussed. We hope you enjoy watching. Share on facebook Facebook Share on google google+ Share on whatsapp Whatsapp Greetings from the Sauer & Tröger team You might like it too:

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