3 pimple techniques you should know

In most table tennis leagues, the season is about to start or has already begun.

Many of you have had a long break from playing lately. Especially the so-called "idle phases" tend to be a good time to deal with new stroke techniques.

Whether you want to tackle a new technique during the season or during the summer and winter breaks; In general, we as pimple players can always learn something new! Information about the “how” is not always easy to find.

Many pimple techniques cannot be found 1 to 1 in a textbook, although they are justified. Because new techniques make your own game more variable and enable you to actively occupy your opponent.

Together with the Spin College, we have therefore again shot an extremely helpful video in which we explain various stroke techniques. We played the following techniques with the new long pimples Hellfire X and the blade Unicorn (allround):

  • Pressure push (attack technique on undercut balls)
  • Blockball (against opponent's attack hits)
  • Topspin with the Hellfire X

Before and after the rallies, we also give you a few practical tips and explanations that illustrate these pimple techniques once again. We wish you a lot of fun with this entertaining video and just as much success with the subsequent implementation! Here you can find the video about the pimple techniques by Sebastian and Simon:

Greetings from Sauer & Tröger

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