Pimple techniques, the right material & the plastic ball - the big interview

Today we start with a "Moin Moin" to you!

Sebastian recently visited Simon Moschall (SpinCollege) in the Contra-TT-World Hamburg.

Sebastian arrived on Saturday and enjoyed delicious food and drinks as a tourist on Jungfernstieg and in the Speicherstadt. On Sunday morning he went into the hall where he was already expected by Simon Moschall and the videographer Sebastian Wendt.

He had brought loud music to wake him up and some snacks. In the course of the day, several extremely helpful small videos on the subject of "playing with pimples" were shot in a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

Today we would like to link a first video that SpinCollege has published on YouTube. It is a casual chat, in which the following topics are discussed, among others:

  • Play with the plastic ball
  • Serve with pimple and against pimple
  • Beginners with pimples: what should. material and technology are taken into account?
  • How do I master the balancing act: own basic security vs. producing very dangerous balls
  • What happens when 2 pimple players play against each other?

We hope you enjoy watching the video linked below. We are writing today's newsletter at the end of the pimples course in Strullendorf, which was a lot of fun.

The participants took a lot away with them and the idea of ​​the pimple community was also very much alive. Here you can find the pimple chat from Sebastian and Simon:

Greetings from the Sauer & Tröger team

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