Practical test: Does a pimple course work in Corona times?

Table tennis nubs course Sebastian Sauer mask

A field report by Sebastian Sauer about conducting a pimple course.

We will probably still be able to talk about this in 20 years...

Last weekend, after a long time, I did a pimple course again. It was the only course of the year where I wasn't the organizer myself, but where I was "only" the organizer in the hall. Therefore, I had agreed to hold the course despite the current difficult situation.

Before the start, there was a queasy feeling about how the whole thing would go, whether it was right and also whether it would be fun and useful... Looking back, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised. The participants had fun and were once again able to take home valuable insights and aha moments for their game.

Table tennis pimples course playersTable tennis nubs course Christian Güll with mask

How did the course go?

There were separate entrances and exits and when entering the hall there was a mask requirement. The mask could then be placed on the table. Tobias Braun did the warming up, demonstrating exercises from a distance, which the participants could imitate on their own half of the table.

During the units, the playing partners were retained. The demonstration and explanation of the exercises took place at a central table, which was separate from that of the participants. As a result, it was necessary to speak a little louder than usual. After the training sessions, the balls were disinfected and the tables cleaned. Not only my feedback was extremely positive, but more importantly: the participants were also very satisfied with the implementation. The course was enjoyed by both the coaches and the players and it was therefore a symbolic weekend back to a certain normality.

My conclusion: With a well thought-out concept, a professional hall infrastructure, the organizational capacities and the discipline of the participants and the coaches, it is possible to hold a table tennis course. In the coming season we will still have to reckon with many restrictions, so that the pimples course has shown: It works!

How is it in your home club? Are you allowed to play again and if so: with what conditions? How is it organized? And the most important question: Do you feel safe and good about it and do you enjoy table tennis again? Please leave us a comment! We are happy!

In general, I assume that more and more players worldwide will find their way back to the table bit by bit. Our wood and decking orders are also an indicator of this and have again increased significantly. We received extremely positive feedback on our new Hellfire-X long pimples almost across the board. A lot of players will start the new season with the rubber, which of course makes us very happy. In the meantime, test videos can also be found on the Internet from various national and international sources.

At the invitation of Simon Moschall's Spin College in Hamburg, we ourselves recorded a few videos on the Hellfire X and on the subject of pimples in July. In the next blog post we will therefore present you the new video for the Hellfire X and take you a little behind the scenes for a day of shooting. So you can stay tuned!

Sporty greetings, Your Sebastian

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